Wedding One” ended with Mother-in-law suggesting I stay back while Uncle Ex goes ahead, a suggestion I outrightly rejected. So despite her not being pleased with my outspokenness, they permit us to leave.

Another memorable road trip we had. We didn’t pack much because we were adviced not to leave with the gifts until they have been taken for “prayers”, which we agreed to. Driving with Uncle Ex was one of the highlights of my marriage with him(despite him refusing to teach me driving). I looked forward to road trips(I wonder what he will think if he sees this blog, hahaha).

We arrived at our base and spent one month in bliss preparing for the church wedding. We finished our pre marital counseling, we got wedding attires (a white skirt and blouse wa made for me by a roadside tailor, didn’t want to demand so much from Uncle Ex), we didn’t rent a bridal car, we used one belonging to a family member.

Pews in a Catholic Church

I mentioned that we were to wed in the Catholic Church. Before the joining, we were offered a confession session. I do remember vividly the confession I made that day, I discussed with the Priest the trouble I had forgiving people. How I would keep recounting hurts done to me for ages. I also do remember that he was at a dilemma for advice to give me that day.

Because Uncle Ex wasn’t raised catholic, he had to receive the sacraments of baptism and first holy communion before being wed by the Catholic Church.

Finally, “Here Came the bride”. My little cousin bore the rings, we walk into a packed church in a processional manner and get seated. It was a short mass. And we were wedded!

A Catholic Wedding Rite.

During the mass, after the wedding vows had been taken, the women arm of the church usually referred to as CWO took the floor. Their leader calls me to the front of the assembly for a celebratory induction into womanhood. After which I am presented a wrapper branded with their logo and a beaded neck piece. Then they implore our guests to come pay for the wrapper. Our guests file up, over a hundred of them joyfully dropping in money despite knowing that the wrapper costs barely 1/100th of the contributions they made that day. They were willing to donate because they chose to support the Church and the CWO in their other projects.

I received the wrapper and handed it over to my then Sister-in-law as other activities such as photograph taking were about to commerce.

A sample of the CWO wrapper and how it is worn.

After the service, I ask my Ex-Sisters-in-law for the wrapper and she told me that “THE LADY WHO HANDED THE WRAPPER TO ME, CAME TO HER TO RETRIEVE IT, SAYING I HAD TO PAY FOR IT AGAIN!” This was resolved about a month later when women were required to put on that outfit and I didn’t have any to wear, the same woman came to me to ask why I hadn’t purchased mine and then I took out time to tell her how fraudulent I thought the Church women group was in requesting for money from my guests only to still try selling the already over expensively purchased cloth. Oh and another wrapper was provided to me at no extra cost!

Well back to the wedding, after the joining, guests were received and dishes served at My Maternal Grandma’s house which was close by.

Quite an affordable wedding right? Well I believe a wedding should be pocket friendly, but do remember that different people have different pocket sizes. Why take loans that will stretch out for years? The wedding is just a rite, the marriage is the forever or forever not!

Mid week is here again, where is the year speeding to? Tomorrow I may tell a story I skipped in childhood; memories that a friend subtly reminded me of.

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