Let’s go see the People!

A few weeks after my last paper, we sew matching native attires(aso ebi), get into the car to drive to the cities where my family and his were based.

I loved and still love long journeys with a significant other. You know, those long trips on good roads while playing country tracks? Uncle Ex put in the love of the artist Tracy Chapman in me, and though things turned sour I still think of her as my best artist.

Hmmm. Memories…..

So we get to spend a few days with his parents and siblings and I was treated like royalty though they were a retired middle class elderly couple. They had a big compound, ran a poultry(they loved to send live turkey and chicken to my family) from it and had a few dogs. I should mention at this point that Uncle Ex and his family attend the most popular “white garment” church in my country, at that point I could have called myself a catholic though wasn’t very active. So we discussed churches before marriage and agreed to attend the church we finally did in the story “The Pastor Who Proposed Fingering Me.”

The road trip continued and we arrived the Mega City where my mum resided. Dad was already late at this stage. Mum lived in a rented compound owned by a Muslim man with two wives (he built a four flat apartment and intended to have a wife in each, I will gist about this unique family during my future posts).

Mum and her neighbors made us feel right at home. Funny how these memories seem so surreal now. We had long discussions and we made plans. The wedding was to take place in my paternal grandmother’s(I didn’t like this lady while growing up because she was a nurse and always gave us injections ) home in respect to my father’s people who would have to stand in for my late father, we would have marriage classes in the Catholic Church, a big traditional wedding and a simple church wedding a month later.

Since I was still young and not working, finances were discussed between Uncle Ex and my mother.

The trip back home was just as much fun as the one from home. Mum reciprocated the livestock gift of my in laws with an expensive lace material for both parents, so beautiful that Uncle Ex commented saying it was “A goat trap used to catch an elephant”. We returned to his base which was also my maternal grandmother’s bases and I stayed with him as we began marriage counseling in the Catholic Church and began buying things towards the planned wedding.

It’s mid week! Oh and it’s a new month. Tomorrow will be my mum’s 57th posthumous birthday and I miss her so much now. Wish we had more time to love and know each other. If you still have your parents or any loved one, love on them, forgive them whatever they must have done wrong, in the end you will find out, that the time you wasted can’t be bought back! Come on, don’t make me cry!

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10 thoughts on “Let’s go see the People!

  1. Sorry for the loss.
    We got to catch up someday but not now, definitely not soon.

    Since i understand one part of life,
    all my days has been a countdown,

    cos i know it can not be yesterday again, it can only be today or tomorrow.
    I mean my death.

    But i don’t want to die.
    And there is no time.
    What do i do?
    I appreciate today,
    i fix everything possible today,
    i touch lives that i can help a bit today.
    I love every thing that comes my way today.
    Because im sure of this second to be alive but am not sure of being alive in the next second.
    Am a slave.
    Am a gadget.
    Am a living non living.
    Cos i cant predict my next second but i can plan for the next second.
    And i can see yesterday but not tomorrow.
    I only imagined.

    Goodnight to the dead…
    Next, to the living.
    We are all on a journey.
    That’s the journey of a sojourn.

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