The Final Year Graduating Student.

IT year ran to an end rather fast. Time to return to classes. Time to tidy up my loose grades. Time to make sure not to graduate with a third class! This was the time that Oga President occurred.

This year was rather uneventful in the gist arena, school continued as before. Uncle Ex persuaded me to have an introduction oh that was after I had met his family and siblings. He was the first born of his parents, his mother had a secondary infertility delay of maybe 17years after his birth so his closest sibling was a lady who was younger than me, she was probably 16 years of age at this time. Then two brothers who were the regular two years apart after the girl.

The first time I met his father(this was after he had told me that he had told them about me), the father called me a name that though sounded similar to my name wasn’t my name. He however quickly corrected himself. I make this mention now because in future when we do divorce, his new wife bore that name and I begin to wonder…………..

Oh and I had to break up with School Boyfriend, he was hurt, but oh well, I thought I was doing the right thing.

You remember that lecturer from Presido who told me that he never knew fine girls like me were in his department? Well he gets dishonorably disengaged during this year for being caught pants down in an hotel room with a student. We know he was set up by fellow lecturers (as the girl in question wasn’t taking any course with our department, she was simply in our faculty) because of his pride. The whole world knows he schooled in Romania! Oh and he loved to shame a girlfriend of mine in my class by asking her to draw some engineering design on the board and when she is unable he would say to us, how will you, when u will be standing in xyz front yard with boys rather than come to class!

So graduation day drew near and I had moved into the school hostel on campus to enable me read better. Uncle Ex was romantic one day to come visiting with provisions like I was in secondary school again. Being in the main school hostel got me to realize that people had a wrong tough impression about me.

So I was walking down an hallway, and this final year girl’s don walks up to me with another girl in her wake and says to me “this is the person we have decided to hand over to!” Though this didn’t make sense to me at face value, I smiled and congratulated her. Hours later the meaning dropped! She assumed I was a don of some sort and was showing me respect by introducing her replacement to me!

You know that graduation ritual whereby students pour buckets of water on graduates the moment they finish their last paper? I never did it to anyone because it didn’t make sense to me. And I definitely didn’t allow anyone do it to me! Those who tried got drenched in my place!

Darling Uncle Ex comes to pick me from school immediately after my last paper and drives me to grandma’s house where we continued the festivities.

Later that night while in bed, he says to me, Now you have graduated, let’s go see your people. That was all the marriage proposal I got! No diamond or gold or even plastic ring! Well what can I say; I like to think I am not materialistic but maybe I should have been. I said Ok and we planned towards it.

It’s Monday, go and be productive. Avoid pride so your colleagues don’t hate you and set you up for a job loss or contract decline like the lecturer I talked about just was.

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