How the Dating Started

This is a Sequel to How I met my ex-husband 2.

On arriving home that day, I put away all thoughts of the snobbish “old” man I was even gracing with my time and returned to my business and my school runs. I also put away all thoughts of that TV show from my mind, afterall I still hadn’t been reinstated back into school.

But a few days later, I receive a call from him entreating me to visit his home saying he wasn’t in good health and would appreciate the company. As nice as I am, I obliged him with my “Royal” presence.

On getting to his humble abode, he welcomed me with pleasantries then leaves me in his living room that had only a rug to get something, presumably refreshment for me. Boy was I wrong! He actually went to get the neighbor’s son to purchase ingredients to cook rice! So he says to me, these are some ingredients, come make us a meal (later in the relationship he tells me he was testing me).

Well I was barely 20 years of age then, not too open eyed, so I went into the kitchen and produced a delicious meal. Digressing a bit, I remember some other guy trying this “wife material” test with me, after cooking his jollof rice and turning it to serve, viola I see a dead cockroach in the pot! Like how did it get there? Was all my effort going to waste? No way! I picked it out and served Uncle Invigilator. I didn’t eat from that food. Hahaha.

So Uncle Ex and I ate the meal and we discussed, getting to know each other better. And the dating commenced! He didn’t have a fridge nor did he have cable TV then, so every evening when he closed from work, he would visit my house which was relatively close to his place, chat with me a little then go back to his place with frozen sachet water and a Video CD from my video club.

He got introduced to my mum and grandma who thought his age difference to mine would help “my head cool” down. Lol. I remember Uncle EX trying my wife qualities another day by calling me when he had left for work to tell me he had left clothes for me to wash. That one no vex me reach when he now called later to tell me he had forgotten money in the short pocket that I should keep it for him! The money wasn’t even up to N500.

Well there you go. I will talk more on how the relationship progressed into marriage next time. Today, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t fret too much.

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15 thoughts on “How the Dating Started

  1. It has indeed being a while..
    Your friends the so called government wan frustrate my fun life this time.

    My business has been locked down for days now, surfing the internet has not be on my list of priorities these days…

    But tnk God for life…

    I still belive in the words of the birds that says “it perches on any branch of tree that it sees not because he has its trust on their strength not to fall off but he has the trust on his wings to flew off on any slightest attempt”

    i have no trust on this our government anymore but i still have to perch cos the tree is still one but the branches are saying otherwise…………………

    Ride on
    strong queen.

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