The Two Must Become One!

If I tell you all my stories as fast as you itch to hear them, what else will I write about? Lol. Anyway though I know you must be dying to know what happened next after I hopped on that bike, I would rather tell you soonenough!

Today I will tell you a story my dad once told us. Despite the history with my dad, I still have loving memories of him. There is this joke I accredit to him that you really must hear.

There was this newly wedded couple who were trying to follow their marriage counselor’s advice to help them have a better marriage. But the husband seemed to always slip at one point, and the wife always made it her duty to correct him.

Wife may want to use the car on the weekends and ask the husband for permission and he will reply I will be using ‘MY’ car on that day”. That would send the wife into tears and she would say; but honey isn’t it ‘OUR’ car? He would apologize, but soon enough he would say “I am putting up ‘MY’ house in Oshodi for rent”. And the cycle of apology will begin all over again!

On one early morning, when the husband should have already been on his way to work, he was in the bedroom scattering and looking for some invisible missing thing. The wife watched him for a few minutes but when it was obvious he wasn’t making an headway she comes to him and asks;

Honey what are you looking for? And he replies; “Babe I am only looking for ‘OUR’ pant!”

I know that joke will take a few people some time to decode, it always does. Whenever you do decode, feel free to laugh your laugh!

Tomorrow I will ensure to continue on the bike hopping story! Meanwhile I request for true life motivational stories to include on a particular day on this site to help someone else the way my sharing is helping you. My email address quoted at the bottom of every post is waiting for your mails.

Today, I will encourage you to forgive yourself. From experience I know it’s easier to forgive other people than to forgive yourself. Nonetheless it’s a constant task. When the thoughts creep in, tell yourself you have been forgiven and kick the thoughts back where they came from!

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