How I met my ex-husband 2

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In the first part of this post, I sent in my phone number to a TV show right? Also remember that this was the IT year during which i was under indefinite suspension. Well, I watched with anticipation till the end of that night waiting for my phone number to be displayed as a foot note on that program. Well, it never did happen and I went to bed disappointed.

A week later I looked forward to the same TV show but couldn’t hook on at the designated time because of a disruption in power supply which is a regular thing around here, so plainly put “NEPA took light!”. Therefore I went to bed and forgot all about the TV program.

I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone first, the way many of us do, and was astonished to see so many missed calls and text messages on my phone. I then realized that my details and requirements had been aired the previous night. I didn’t know where to start from so I ignored the missed calls and read through the text messages.

Among the text messages that caught my attention was one from Uncle Ex. The main reason it did was his proximity to me and his good diction.(you need to see the kind of bad English I had to sieve through that day). So I sent him a reply. He called back and we fixed a time to meet.

We met two days later in front of a supermarket that was close to my residence. He was a young man in his thirties while I was still in my early twenties. Simply put there was an age difference of eleven years between us. He came with a modest car that belonged to the company he worked for, we said our pleasantries and he asked me to come in the car to have a meal in a close by Buka(modest local restaurant). Thinking back I see that the car door wasn’t opened for me to enter as a lady, lol men hardly do it around here and the women or maybe just me have gotten accustomed to it.

So we got to the restaurant and conversed over a meal. I do not recall our line of conversation but I was simply my bold blunt self and I think that didn’t go down well with my date.

Despite not remembering the conversation, one question I know I never fail to ask on first dates was the genotype question. You see, my mum was of the SS genotype(luckily dad was AA, so I was AS), so having witnessed first hand how it affected her life despite her being the strong woman who raised us, I wasn’t going to get emotionally engaged with anyone and face the dilemma of a late discovery.

After the date, Uncle Ex doesn’t offer to drop me off at home nor does he offer bike fare, rather he says to me, “do you have bike fare?” And I arrogantly attested to having (that’s why a lady should never go on a date empty handed, it’s called vex money), he stops a bike for me, I hop on and off I go back home!

Who does he think he is? No be say Na rich man oh! What effrontery! I didn’t even ask for a fast food date, or a Chinese restaurant, ordinary “Iya Basira” and he is raising shoulder? Lol.

It’s mid week already, nonetheless there is still time to make this week count, go out there with boldness and do that thing you are good at excellently!

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14 thoughts on “How I met my ex-husband 2

  1. (that’s why a lady should never go on a date empty handed, it’s called vex money)I like this part.Come and finish the Gist


  2. Vex money…..very important o. I learnt about it in my uni days and if I’m low on cash, I’ll rather say no to an outing than embarrass myself.


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