I fly on brooms.

You want me to conclude the post on how I met my ex-husband? I would, just exercise some patience darling. Today, I want to talk about something I see often that baffles me in my country at least (tell me if it happens in yours). I want to talk about the fear of certain animals and their supposed connection to witchcraft!

My earliest encounter with animals especially household pets was with a dog when I was only a few months old. A dog that was rumored to have wanted me dead! It’s rather enlightening to see that the dog wasn’t put to sleep after such an act by my grandparents who owned it.

Other dogs came and went along the way and I can say they were all darlings(apart from when they were eating and you tried to take their food!). Then I met a cat. It belonged to the family of my teenage boyfriend, I really didn’t understand why they had an animal that liked to keep to itself, oh it also did have sharp claws! But unfortunately now, there is not one house I know in my country where a cat is a pet. It has become associated with witchcraft and a bad omen.

A few days ago, I was at the office of some government security agency, I sat waiting to have my Issue addressed (Some issue with a missing document), then comes in a fellow occupant of the office, a huge lady fully dressed in the uniform of the security agency, she starts screaming as she enters so we ask what the matter was, well she saw a cat behind the door, a beautiful kitten actually and was scared it was a witch cat! Well the kitten was rescued from her trying to kill it for its only offense of being born into a superstitious country such as mine.

These are minor scenarios, a bird had better not cry or fly into or around most people’s houses at night especially if it were a bat. That whole house would be made to sleep in a church for protection while the house is scourged! Now, for the one I really don’t understand nowadays is the cases I see that gets reported as “bird turns to old woman in the market place and gets burned to death!” The story usually goes thus; a bird lands in a crowded place and suddenly turns into a woman, and because the woman happens to be unclad, therefore truly it must be that they are correct, though, never in any of the scenarios has the transforming process been caught on camera.

Seems like Harry Potters actually fly without brooms now don’t they? Hahaha. In my opinion I think fear of the unknown and beliefs in the supernatural have put a lot of people into prisons of their own mind!

I used to be related to people who thought every bad thing that happened to one was caused by spiritual wickedness and so spent more time in spiritual houses than in places where the solutions to their problems could actually be found, until I broke away in my mind forcefully and then and only then did I begin to see things turn around for me.

All I am trying to say today is live fearlessly, Your mind is the battlefield not the world most times. What you believe has power over you, Definitely does!

There used to be one “Pastor” who turned me into a job, I will foot his travel expenses and hotel bills for about a week at a time then still give him severance packages every time he leaves just for him to interpret my dreams and pray with me on a mountaintop. One day my mind broke free!

So he calls me up and says he was in same town as me, I say ok, he insists on seeing me, after much avoiding, we see. Then we talk and finally relapse to the tell me your dreams segment, and I reply thus “I don’t think I need to tell my dreams anymore, I believe I can pray to my Father myself”. This didn’t go down well with him and we departed on a tense note(without one Naira dropping from my pocket). A few weeks later, he runs into me at a motor park and greeted me enthusiastically, well I replied like he was a stranger, that was the end of Solomon Grundy!

Today, believe in yourself! No authority has power over you expect you give it to them! Drop me a comment oh and a like, if you want me to finish my post of yesterday, tomorrow, if not I just may tell you how I reported some slow government agency to their boss via twitter and I got instant same day response despite it being a Saturday and how the staff who attended to me tried guilt tripping me for making them do their jobs!

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