How I met my ex-husband.

You do remember that in Suspended President, I was in my Fourth year in University?

This is the same year allocated to Industrial Attachments for my course of Study in my institution. Industrial Attachments were incorporated into University Studies to enable the students have a practical experience of what working in line with their various courses of study would feel like.

Maybe because of the lingering suspension over my studentship or lack of motivation, I was unable to get affiliated to a company for Industrial Attachment. So I was supposed to stay home with my mum (dad had passed away by this time) and bond while continuing to seek a company for Industrial Attachment right?

Well I did nothing of the sort!

I got my money, purchased a few films (the era when cable TV was uncommon) two or three Play Station 2 games and travelled to my grandma’s place which was closer to my school community and started a gaming house with film rentals. The business bloomed and I was enjoying it greatly.

But I was bored! So one weekend night I was watching the TV alone when a dating show comes on. Intending matches were requested to send in their numbers which were aired as footnotes while the program progressed. That seemed like fun, so I sent in my number……….

It’s Monday. A start of another beautiful work week, hope you aren’t one of the people who dread Mondays? Without a Monday, there can’t be a Friday!

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