Christians are Deceived!

In this age that everything goes, a writer like me may be tempted to not declare a faith. It seems quite tempting to actually do that but I won’t.

My faith is something I love to talk about, while not undermining any other person’s rights to believe otherwise. But I hate those people who talk about religion for hours, my mind will drift even if I agree with you.

So I am a Christian and that means I believe in Jesus Christ as the Lord. I know it also means I believe in the Word as written in the Bible and a few other things.

But what it really means is that I go beyond believing into the realm of actions. So being a Christian is being Christ like. Easy to say until real life hits you. When you have to choose between years of joblessness and sleeping only once with a single boss, or when you get harassed by a corrupt policeman wanting a bribe and you are late for work, or being unmarried for long and your boyfriend promises to marry you only if you will have sex with him while dating, Or maybe it’s being childless and an occult (juju) promises you a child. I remember my mum being fatally sick and told me she was recommended to go to some traditional healing house(a cover name for juju), I said to her “you could go there and get healed or not and get initiated into something and still die someday and go to hell”. My mum was a wise woman, she listened to me despite I being a youth.

Sometimes when we read about Daniel and the lions, the Hebrew men and the furnace or even Joseph and his boss’s wife, we seem to think these people were gifted with some special resisting power at birth! Don’t be deceived it’s their discipline and their walk with God that strengthened them to such sacrificial heights of resistance.

But do you know the best part of it all? No one in all these stories ever lost their reward!

I will bear that in mind this week as I go out and hope you will too! Now I am weird for Christ too? Hahaha, I know I am really weird, I have been told!

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