The Boy in The Fridge 2

Yea I got you to come back didn’t I? Hahaha.

I remember sending my little brother on the dog food errand and he refusing to go. I then got a belt and gave him a few strokes (my uncles called it PASHAGA). So I pashagaed his butt. He picked up the food container crying and went on the errand. And he did come back alive and successful. Atleast I taught him how to cross the road by necessity!

Our next adventure was to see why the deep freezer resembled an air conditioned room. So we had this very big freezer in our home, it could contain two grown adults easily. We used to enjoy scooping ice from the freezer to lick calling it snow. Today we had no interest in scooping but in “entering”. So the plan was that one person will enter for a few seconds and another one will stay out side to open it if necessary . So I led by example lol, I went in first and he was outside to open for me. Then he went in next. Not too worry I opened it for him in a few seconds, I didn’t hate him enough to murder him! We enjoyed the snow adventure and came out laughing. Recently a thought comes to my mind about the whole incident, I am grateful it wasn’t modern day freezers that once you shut it becomes air tight and cannot be opened till a few minutes!

What did we do more? Maybe slept in the master bedroom rather than ours and watch X-rated movies? What an holiday from parents it was!

Then the parents come back. And no, dad didn’t succeed in “returning mum to her parents”. My wonderful grand pa who was still alive and his superwoman wife did some magic with their words. They even came back with many goodies for us!

Then my snitch of a brother goes to report his being “held hostage against his will” in the freezer to his mum our mum, as though he didnt laugh while it was happening. Just kidding, you need to see the color change on mother’s face when he told her this! I must have gotten my own “Pashaga” on their return. One other effect of this “tripventure” was that dad stopped buying the bowl of ice cream in the freezer after we ate a whole month’s serving in two days!

Surely that weekend taught our parents never to leave kids by themselves. There were even no phones in those days, how were they able to do this? Well they thought I was a big enough girl or maybe rage over whatever they quarreled about blinded their perspective!

Be mindful of what acts you embark on when you are angry, most times you just may not be able to correct their negative effects.

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