The boy in the Fridge!

Today I feel like going down memory lanes.

Long time ago in a town far far away, lived my pre teen self, my younger brother, my parents and my dog Stallion.

We lived in an apartment in the fine side of town. All alone though with lovely neighbors and relatives who came visiting frequently. We were raised however not to play with the neighbors, raised locked up and disciplined. You know the drill!

I particularly found my younger brother a goody two shoes and you will see why before the end of this story. Imagine going to school and baby brother running home to report all the things you did? “That behavior can pain”.

As all married couples do, my parent had a disagreement one day that seemed unresolvable to them, so Father decides to “send my mother back to her parents”. Before he does he calls me aside and says to me “you won’t see your mummy again and may probably have a new mummy”. What did I know? I was about 8 years of age then, I wasn’t yet in secondary school, that I am certain of.

So on what would have been beautiful weekend, I was given some pocket money to hold, reminded of my duties and left alone in the apartment with my brother and the German Shepherd while my father “bundles” my mother in the car to go and return to her parents.

Home alone reincarnated with enough adventures to embark on! Reminds me of the novel I loved as a child, it was called “Famous Five”.

We started by buying bananas and simply peeling the back and frying it as “hot dog”. Then graduated to eating the whole bowl of ice cream in the freezer, watching TV all night, fighting over the Cable station until we spoilt the TV. Then it was time to be my wicked sister self.

So you do remember that we had a German Shepherd to tend to? Well it usually was my job to to the the restaurant across the road to pick up daily left overs for the dog’s meal? Well once my parent took their leave it became my brother’s job despite him being too young to cross the road himself.

Did he have an accident? Who was the boy in the fridge? Did my parents reconcile? I think I should tell you tomorrow!

Challenges were created to make us stronger not kill us! Put on your big girl’s pants today and handle that challenge.

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