School Boyfriend

I know I have procrastinated this topic for long. What can I say? Maybe I was trying to avoid it?

I was in my first year, on a queue for registration. It was a mixed lot of students from different faculties. The students in front of me were discussing some reigning TV program. I was lost because I am not such a TV person, but I listened in. It must have been some reality TV show. Nonetheless I got talking to a boy from that group, he was in a different faculty and I liked his swag. He saw me off home after we were through registering. That’s how we became friends.

How did we begin dating? I don’t know, we just did! We were quite opposites. While he liked going out a lot, I liked to hibernate. Bro liked parties, clubs, alcohol and cigarettes yet his appearance was as gentle as a dove with his pink lips. I tried to blend in but it wasn’t me at all!

I remember one gist, so he was residing on campus in his first year, one evening I came visiting, his room mates and him had cooked rice and were about to eat but they were doing something unusual that day, they were inviting neighbors to come join them eat while at other times they would have locked the door to eat so “long throat” neighbors do not reduce their rations. So they and I ate from a very big pot. It was a delicious “jollof”. After jollof, everyone seemed to take I nap, one hour later only I was awake and I needed my friend to walk me home. I tugged him awake but he wouldn’t bulge. Later that night he awakes and walks me home. About two weeks later he says to me “your blood is strong oh, that other day we all ate weed in the rice yet it didn’t have an effect on you!”

He got admitted originally to read micro biology with the intention to cross over into medicine in his second year as it was his dad’s dream for him to be a doctor. Second year came and went, he wrote his transfer exams but didn’t make cut off. He began preparing for a repeat of the exams when tragedy struck and his dad passed on.

After the funeral had been concluded, I said to him one day, “if your dad hadn’t insisted you read medicine, what would you have read?” And he says to me “Accounting”. And I say “what is stopping you?”

A friend or partner who considers the other one’s opinion is more valuable than silver.

So he does the appropriate course change rites, had to repeat some years and that caused me to graduate before him. But guess what? He must be a chartered accountant today while a few other people in similar shoes would have been drop outs!

Sometimes in life, your original plan may not work out, but you need to be sensitive to know when to drop it and pick up the next plan and the next and the next if you have to!

Quitters never win! But people who restrategize sometimes do!

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18 thoughts on “School Boyfriend

  1. I seem to like that ur boyfriend. He probably wasn’t a bad guy but just in a bad group.

    I love guys that are ready to bury their ego and take to good counseling and positive influencing especially from a woman. He must have loved u.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome the wife of that guy! No dear. We moved on since! And your daughter, his daughter is my god daughter remember? Big mummy am I! She must be missing me! Sorry I have been scarce, Na things like this dey keep me tied up!


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