Suspended President!

This story continues where Presido ended. And so I leave school that day totally humiliated. Not knowing the worst was still yet to come.

One beautiful day as I sat in the office of the engineering student body, in walks the gentleman who was lucky to be promoted to the position of SUG president. He enters and sits opposite me and said “I am back, I want my position back!”

I really don’t know what transpired next other than the fact that the young man did slap me.

As well brought up as I am, I didn’t retaliate but did the appropriate legal thing which was to report the incident to the Dean of Engineering who was the officer with jurisdiction over us. The Dean spoke to us, and reprimanded the young man. Well that was also the end of my tenure as President and I became VP again!

That won’t have been so bad if “Oga President” didn’t go forge a threat letter some days later saying he received it from me and it was signed in blood supposedly.

So he takes this letter to the Dean of Engineering, who had settled the dispute between us earlier to lodge a complaint, the Dean reading right through him, told him off, so he goes one step further to the school security, and there I was still able to vindicate myself with the testimony of the Dean of Engineering, but then he remembers he has a trump card and he uses it very well!

Do you recall the Dean of students who accused me of abetting a cultist in the post titled Presido? Well by structure, he was in charge of things like SUG so “oga President” and him have be acquainted and familiarized having worked together for the past few months. Well “Oga President” then takes his letter to the Dean of Students. And I was never summoned or questioned. The session passes, Oga President completely sidelines me despite it being all my hard work that produced funds in the purse, my VP project of a dinner night was never mentioned, they rather produced and distributed jotters/notebooks with pictures of the executives and purposely omitted my picture though put my name!

One beautiful day in my 4th year just after we had handed over power to a new set, and we were about to embark on Industrial Attachment (meaning work placement), I receive a letter from the school authority.

I open the letter and reads “You are suspended indefinitely for gross insubordination”!

Keep being the best version of you there is, have a lovely weekend and permit yourself to be YOURSELF!

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