Winning the election was one thing, achieving all one proposed to do in that lofty manifesto was an entirely different story all together. Yes I was Vice President NUESA(National Union of Engineering Students) my school chapter, that should have been fun, I was basically supposed to just organize the yearly dinner party (a party that never saw the light of day in my time!) and I was looking forward to it with great ideas until chaos rocked the SUG(Student Union Government) body hence affecting the whole school and it’s management.

The school governing body dissolved SUG! Then rather than leave a vacuum, they do something that has never been done before, they cast ballots for the various now vacant positions to be filled by the Presidents of different Faculties. I haven’t spoken about my head of Faculty, he was a rather tall lanky young man full of pride, and lucky I should say because when the ballot was cast, he became promoted to the position of SUG President just like that!

The promotion of the Faculty Presidents to SUG level meant the promotion of Vice Presidents to the position of Faculty Presidents. That’s how I earned the title of Engineering President!

Celebration was short lived as the issue of raising funds for our projects now fell on me and I had to devise a way to make students pay their dues before they sat for the semester Exams. So we visited particular lecturers and “convinced” them to help us by checking student receipts before they entered the hall. This led to many students rushing to pay.

But this also led to a few sexual predating lecturers noticing I existed. One was like “a fine girl like you was in my faculty and I didn’t know?” Not too worry he got what was coming to him as he lost his job a few months later due to him having been caught pants down in a hotel with a student of his!

Anyway we got funds at last and were beginning plans to achieve our goals with them, in line with that, we had a week set aside called engineering week where we were lined up to have many educational seminars, games etc. But first we were to have an awareness walk.

So we walked around campus singing and making awareness known towards the upcoming event. We went from Faculty to Faculty and it was all fun until we got to the main lecture theatre environment. So, remember I was a female leading a group of active happy guys? Well as we got there we were passing in front of an office when a clerk comes out and screams at the youths saying “you are disturbing the Dean of Students”. And you can’t guess what those “pepper body” youths decided to do? Well they held him up and challenged him. I had to step in and break up the fight. And do you know how I got paid for my heroism? Well the Dean comes out of his office, orders the leader of the group (which was me) into his office and “turned the story on my head”. The clerk and him in cohorts accused me of helping a suspected cultist possessing a gun escape!

Hahaha see me see trouble! Lol. Well I got reprimanded and let off or so I thought!

I can’t believe the weekend is almost on us again! One day closer to our goals but unfortunately also one day closer to our death or transitioning like I love to call it. Make each day worthy of a better place of abode when you do transition! Hahaha.

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20 thoughts on “Presido!

  1. Lol
    you can never be on the side of heroes history until you step on someones toe…….
    That is where we have found ourself today…….

    At the cause of keeping peace some parties will be around to accuse you of being the perpetrator of evil.

    I learnt a great lesson this last Sunday…….

    There was a new guy in the hood,
    some rif rafts came and were harassing him,
    i stepped in to separate the fight on the run i was wounded severely.
    A 90kg heavy weight punch broke my lips into two…….

    Present in time am in pain
    and at same time spending my own cash to treat what was never meant for me….

    But that’s not the didactic parts.
    The lesson part of that was that everybody around there turned the blame one me….

    You see questions like.
    Do you think you are in your village?

    Must you interfere in peoples affairs?

    Is the guy your brother, why will you Separate them.?

    Mind you that the them fight is
    in the ratio of 7:1 fight.

    But a passer-by
    who sees me bleeding profusely told me that this is lagos number one.
    This is modern age, that we mind our business when it comes to public affairs.

    The dude that i went to save never told me even sorry up till this time.

    “Our society today sees the moral defenders as immoral….”

    kudos strong queen of her empire. Keep the vibes moving.


    1. Wow! You are lucky indeed. Sorry the victim you saved didnt show any appreciation.
      Please don’t stop doing good. Imagine how the guy you saved could have been killed.

      I think it takes a certain kind of self awareness and strength to stand up for another.



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