When you are right!

After winning the elections, in which I participated in yesterday’s post titled (Faculty elections), I got into more adventures that even got me indefinitely suspended from school! I will get into that story soon after I tell you the confrontation I had with the traffic police otherwise called LASTMA yesterday.

Being and knowing you are on your right, gives a person a certain kind of boldness. Today’s boldness talk has to do with law enforcement officers especially those we meet on the road while in a vehicle.

It baffles me to see people being harassed over car registration papers and I wonder if paying the fees isn’t cheaper than the insult, stress and risk to life sometimes posed by some unprofessional agents of the law? Those that truly baffle me are drivers who intentionally beat a traffic light or go against traffic (usually referred to as passing one way), when I am unfortunate to be a passenger in such a vehicle, I get so mad at the driver and I am like ashamed to have been a passenger.

But when I am right I can’t be silenced! After witnessing the treatments melted out by these enforcement agents on supposed erring motorists first hand a few times, I intentionally put up an aggressive attitude on encountering them. I am like “officer can I help you?” He then says your license please and I present them all like “that’s my license, that’s my VIO, that’s my etc, can I go now?” And they will be like madam, anything for the boys and I say “please give me back my documents!” Or worse still are those female police officers who hail big cars and expect “rogers”!

Back to yesterday’s traffic gist joo, so I was in a commercial bus(otherwise called danfo) headed to a 4:30pm appointment. I was rather glad that I had 30 minutes to spare as it was 4:00pm by my time, (I will put location names for those familiar with Lagos in Nigeria) my bus was heading to Ojota from Agindingbi, at Coca-Cola there was a little traffic going towards Testing Ground so oga driver hesitated and asks “anyone go drop for testing ground?” He got no affirmative so he decides to keep going straight hence pass an alternative route which will boycott the hold up by passing front of “lkeja City Mall”.

Next thing we see is a LASTMA officer telling the bus driver to park to the side. I come down from the bus and go to the officer and ask “Sir what is our offense?” He says “I am speaking with the driver” and I reply, “I am in this vehicle and a tax paying citizen so I am in my right to ask”(this is why I hate going out without a smart phone as I lost access to mine yesterday, I for don snap him face and name badge which though I read I can’t remember now). He replied “the driver know what he did, and I am like please show me the law he has contravened in deciding to change lanes mid drive? He goes on ranting telling me that the time the driver hesitated was the issue saying he ought to have been on the lane he wanted to be right from the start, and I reply “I also drive and never had my changing lane mid drive been an issue, then he replies “I know you have a car, me too I have a car, I have been here working for 3 hours, you can’t come and tell me you know this work more than me,( it seems to me that people who can’t afford a car yet take offense easily with car owners). He kept on trying to prove a point no one was understanding for a while 40 minutes. Later when another lady came to beg, he began saying “see you are begging, she is not, she is only increasing the case for the driver, she is forming human rights lawyer(omo see treat abi subtle intimidation)!

Then appears a man in mufti who says to me “madam can I know you?” I reply “can I know you too?” He says he is a Police officer, I ask for his ID card, he says he asked me first, I said no, you have to first introduce yourself. He brings out his ID. Then I ask him why he wants to know me and if I am not in my right to ask a law enforcement officer questions. He starts trying to mutter something then walks away.

Meanwhile the LASTMA officer had abandoned his duty post and a traffic issue had resorted leading to a pedestrian helping in traffic control. It was mentioned to oga LASTMA and he replies “it doesn’t matter!” At this point I gave up on the man and went to sit in the bus. Some people are just incapable of seeing reason especially when their mind is made up to receive a bribe.

After a few minutes a team of other LASTMA officers appeared on the scene and interrogated the driver, saw no fault in his actions and let us go. No bribe paid!

That was how I got late for my appointment yesterday. Tomorrow I promise I will finish my political story I started yesterday. That’s if no one causes me to show my talents today as I step out! Hahaha.

Do have a blest day and no matter what life throws at you, make something good out of it.

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10 thoughts on “When you are right!

  1. That’s what the citizens have turned the country into and funny enough we all will end up blaming the country and its leaders whereas 98% of our problems are being orchestrated by we the citizens…….

    It will be alrighty but i seems to not know the day it will be with the state and mindset of citizens of this country…….

    I see no reasons why we have to kill ourselves over anything in this life,
    reasons are being that after all said and done non of us will be getting out of here alive.

    Kudos strong woman.


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