What will people say?

This is one phrase that has limited many people from reaching their full potential and making many live depressed lives and eventually resorting to suicides.

I have had to deal with this issue for a long time. You know when you are meant to do something, and you discard it because it seems inappropriate, it will ruffle feathers or you will find yourself unpopular, you will not go very far. As populous as the world is, each person is born with his destiny, like Jonah in the Bible, running from what you were meant to do will only land you in a fish belly!

One can only imagine what the inside of a fish will feel like being trapped in it. I would think it would be dark, lonely, unpleasant, you will be surrounded by a lot of filth, you will be hungry, unable to take a bath, unable to sleep, you will wish for death but not see it!

This analogy depicts how a man’s (or woman’s) soul is restless when you have a calling to do something but try to quell that calling. For years I have been in a state of Limbo, knowing I was meant to do some thing different from what I was doing, but I kept doing what worked for other people and trying not to be different, try not to disturb the status quo.

For years I kept failing at being other people, kept wasting time and feeling inadequate. Looking at where my mates, even my juniors had “reached”. And this is what causes a lot of people to be depressed.

We have different gifts as humans and hence different routes to becoming who we ought to be.

Recognizing your gift maybe an Herculean task for you, as it was for me, how can I be this old and still not know what I am meant to do? Well truth be told I wasn’t exactly looking, I just wanted to settle my physical issues first so, I postponed discovering me. Your Hercules may not be same as mine was, it may just have been financial stability, but you know what? There is never a better time to start being you than now!

I used to be confused when people say “what you like doing or do naturally is an indication of what you were meant to do”. Well I couldn’t understand that because what I like doing was simply socializing! I would make friends everywhere I go, say things out of the blues and lift people’s spirits by sharing my experiences where appropriate, I will open social media groups and turn them into a family affair, yes I get enemies once in a while but not so bad! Well since this is what I love to do, I am doing it despite the outrage my stories have caused especially those that dwell on sexual abuse, divorce and infertility.

If I can do this, what is keeping you back from doing what your heart longs to do? Remember the people who could say something have been created equally like your and are simply on their own path to being who they are!

This is the life you have got, you won’t come back in a different body or status, NOW IS THE TIME TO BE YOU!

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