Faculty Elections.

Despite being a grand daughter of a politician, ie my grand mother, I first took interest in politics in my second year when my faculty was conducting its student body elections.

I had a girlfriend then, we were in same Faculty but different departments. We spoke about the elections as we had witnessed them and then suggested that in the next elections when we would be eligible to run, we should both contest for the Vice President role and eventually one of us would step aside for the other. That was the plan! But when it got time to work on the plan, she wasn’t pulling her weight, so I went all out and showed my interest alone.

I bought the form, printed fly outs, involved my boyfriend then (who I have still not talked about right? Anyway same one from the story Judith the fighter) who despite not being a student of my faculty had lots of guys who were friends of his in the faculty. One thing I also did was return to my family church on campus “the Catholic Church”. Catholics have a large body in any society despite the persecution they encounter, I was able to sell my vision to the catholic students in my faculty and all that remained was campaigning, manifestos and winning that vote.

I wrote my manifesto over and over again, I spoke it to the mirror and to myself until I could render it without looking at the write up. I printed a big bill board saying vote for Judith, I also printed little flyers as small as a 5naira notes and shared to the classes. I remember someone saying as I gave him my flyer that I should have shared N5 notes instead!

I also had to visit the supposed strong men on campus and buy them drinks and listen to them tell me the importance of loyalty. One guy among them, in short two guys took a particular interest in me beyond elections and wanted to date me. I didn’t give them a definite answer(don’t know where I learnt that from at my young age), just allowed them help me in every way they could.

So among the contenders for my role were two other ladies, one from another department and one from my department. Then there were 2 contenders for the role of the Faculty Presidency. One from my department and another from another. I do not remember the manifesto presentations by the young men who vied for the presidential role but I do know that among the contenders for my role, only I was bold enough to present a manifesto with such boldness and eloquence. The lady in my class actually got up there and couldn’t say a word and left the stage shaking.

Votings were relatively peaceful, guys who were friendly with my then boyfriend were rallying around me, I on my part was just as natural as I could be. Voting over and results were to be counted.

The electoral officer began counting as we watched, it was a long process and finally it was time to count votes for my position, one, two,three, what the heck? I won with a land slide victory…………

The guys who were in my support then lifted me on their shoulders and we celebrated round the campus!

This week shall be very celebratory for you. Hope you have followed this blog and told your friend to tell their friends to follow?

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10 thoughts on “Faculty Elections.

  1. Tracked you down here all the way from Nairaland.

    Hope iam welcome.
    For your story
    it takes only a strong woman like you to be this bold….

    I appreciate your courageous move, not to amend yours but to possiblely save the present in time and the presently future.

    Time doesn’t heal much in cases of agony being inflicted on us by those we loved but realizing that human will always be imperfect.
    You don’t have to expect much from them most atimes.
    Even yourself at time have disappointed you, how much more the other that doesn’t feel you pain.

    What am i trying to say
    you hv taken the bold step of not rejecting yourself,
    not hating you when you felt it has been all you can take.
    You stood by yourself all this while.
    Keep it up is the message.
    Am on board already
    if am welcomed


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