I was almost Murdered!

Maybe I should call it our dog, not my dog? Stallion wasn’t the first dog that I would grow up with neither was it our Last, I was told the first was called Milo. You know like the olden days advert? (Milo papapa Milo!) hahaha.

Milo was quite the character. It lived with my grandparents in a “storey” building apartment somewhere in Edo state in Nigeria. With no toddler in the house, it was rumored that Milo was accustomed to receiving all the affection and attention of both family and friends, that was until I was born and became its rival!

So my mum had me while she was still in school, I lived my first few nursery years with my grandparents, who got a nanny to help look after me, I was their first grand child so I did and still do enjoy all their affection though grandpa has gone to be with the Lord many years now.

How I almost died?

Well on that fateful beautiful day, the sun was glowing in the sky and hatred was glowing in the heart of a being. My nanny wrapped me up in wrappers, petted me to sleep then went about doing other chores. I was still very little, so little that a dog could lift me up simply by gripping on to the wrapper with its teeth at the appropriate place, and that was what Milo did!

It lifted me up and casually strolled to the balcony lifting itself above the rails and was about to drop me off to my demise when the nanny came in, to receive the shock of her life and save my life! That was my first near death experience despite not being aware of it!

That didn’t deter either my grandparents or parents from keeping dogs as pets later in life.

My parents had a beautiful German shepherd called Stallion. Stallion was male and stoutly built. We bought it when we resided in an apartment building in a police barracks. Without much room to keep it, we had a kennel built for it in our balcony right behind my parents room on the first floor apartment. That became one of my chores as I would have to clean it maybe twice a day as the urine of a dog smells so strongly.

I would also be made to take Stallion on walks to stretch its legs. It’s best outings would naturally be beach days! It was such a powerful dog. One day as I strolled with it around a football field, some young guy decided to bully me by raining insults on me. He basically said the dog was bigger than me. He kept his tease in loud voices while I struggled to keep the dog on leash! That was a battle I eventually lost as the dog thought it wise to defend his master/friend! I ran with all the strength I could muster home to get “deliverance” from the adults who sent me on the errand! Hahaha.

Stallion was fed once a day, we had a deal with some local restauranteur who gave us left overs daily, at parties too, we requested for left overs, we then would pack them into various nylons well preserved and freeze(electricity supply was so much better in those days).

My parents tried to mate off Stallion with some local breed unsuccessfully. That’s how Stallion never got an heir! Lol.

A few years down the line, my parents had to relocate as my father was transferred out of Lagos, so mum had to house Stallion with our local vet while she sorted out her accommodation issues. That didn’t go well with the dog, it became malnourished and by the time it was returned to us, it was so weak and slim. It died a few months later while I was in boarding school and my mum told me she buried it somewhere around the neighborhood and did show me its final resting place.

When we do get a place of our own fully paid, I would raise ten dogs of beautiful species.

It’s Monday, be productive this week and don’t let no one stop you from reaching your Peak!

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