Sharing Your Story

Sharing of life experiences are always a tough decision to make. I, for instance have always wanted to talk about my experiences but I have been hindered this long not by what people will say (which is what hinders most people) but by my frame of mind.

I wanted to wait till my life was an all round testimony before I spoke. I felt, how will a journey in progress motivate anybody? Won’t sharing experiences while still waiting for a breakthrough be a mockery of one’s self? And so I kept living and struggling to put my life in order, to have a perfect life story to share.

But guess what? Nobody has a perfect life story, we are all “Work in Progress”! Even the people we see on the media have something they wish would go away.

Since I decided and actually began opening up to speak I have realized that I have kept quiet for too long. Yes my spouse would rather I didn’t speak about things I have been through but has been supportive nonetheless, extended family haven’t said much to me. Oh my brother calls me “Judith the blogger” and that’s is about all there is to it.

I was at a church program organized for women yesterday and the discussions drifted to child sexual abuse and I volunteered to speak about my experiences. Upon volunteering, I was asked if I needed anonymity, because they were quite surprised that I was willing to share such details as I shared in the post titled “I was abused as a child by my own father”. Obviously I waved away that right, I am past being shamed!

I am so bold right now that I stop to ask myself if I am sure I am ok. I also talked a little on how letting my ex spouse know about the abuse contributed to the divorce we later experienced and how I presented the story to my husband now before I got remarried not willing to hide things that would crop up in future and spoil our marriage relationship. This led a sister to stop me after the program to seek some advice concerning an issue of remarriage and I was happy that my speaking up could help at least one person!

As we start a new week, learn to speak up more, it’s not said without reason that; “a problem shared is half solved!” Speaking out to the right people also matters(by the way, my email is open to welcome feedback and advice requests) till that spirit of boldness falls on you to speak to everyone like I am doing. Hahaha.

Have a beautiful SUNDAY!

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