The Bookworm.

As a newbie in University studying a male dominant course, I quickly got friendly with the first decent female course mate who came my way. Let me call her Ed. Ed was petite and beautiful, I don’t think she added one single pound till we did graduate. So Ed and I got better acquainted, and would walk to lectures together as we shared similar course in our first year. We were good like that until Bookworm showed up!

I still remember the first time we met him, he ran up to us as we walked along and introduced himself to us. He later told me that he befriended us to atleast date one of us. So he did ask me and her (I wasn’t aware at the time) out, but because I didn’t like his personality enough to date him then we remained just cordial.

They say two is company and three is a crowd, well that was how I lost my first girlfriend. Oh and my first male friendly classmate to “Bookworm”. So other than Ed, I already made friends with a guy (I am a over friendly “somebody”) who resided in the best male hostel on campus in terms of facility comfort. I didn’t even know his accommodations but obviously Bookworm had found out and spoken to him using my alliance and had began squatting with him! I found out the next term when he had the guy’s room mates reported to the school’s anti cult group because he ate a meal laced with weed that he met in the room when no one else was in the room!

Bookworm however had one good quality. Only one! He was determined to be the best student in our class and I think he about got that having eventually graduated with a second class upper certificate. But that’s not my gist. My gist is about his first attempt at elections but I will come to that after I tell you how Ed broke his heart into a million pieces.

I earlier told you that Ed wasn’t in my department but was in my Faculty? Well during examinations I would see Bookworm finish early and leave for years, I never thought anything of it till the day a few classmates of ours had to attend a burial ceremony at night and there was only me for him to cry on my shoulders. So he tells me Ed broke his heart and I am like “I wasn’t aware you guys were dating!” So as it turned out, for all those years, she had been taking advantage of his brilliance, he would take her tutorials, write her assignments and even finish quickly from our exam hall to go slip her an answer sheet at hers! Only to find out after all this time she was only stringing him along while she was really dating some prominent older student who happened to be in his finals by the time he was making this confession (we were in our 3rd year). He says what hurt him the most was that he overheard friends laugh at him for doing her laundry and cleaning while she was invalid!

Now for the main gist!

By my fourth year I had become the Faculty President (how I ran that race and how it led to me being suspended from Uni would have to be for another day), our Class Rep of 3 years had decided to step aside for personal reasons. The then assistant class rep was gearing up to fill that role before Bookworm indicated interest in the seat and an election had to be conducted.

Let me give you an overview of the contestants involved. While the first was a bookworm who hardly socialized, he however had been gracious enough to help many guys/classmates with their studies and exams when he was asked. The second guy though an average grade student, socialized freely and was very jovial.

So Election Day came, and because I was the Faculty’s President, I had a privilege to escape voting to avoid being partial so I took it. The election was done by the open ballot system. Both contestants were made to stand in front of the class and those in support of each to queue up behind them. Results came and were as below:

Assistant Rep = All class present minus 1

Bookworm =1

Just one person stood behind him with a class of normal population 200! And that one person happened to be a close friend of the ex assistant Rep who now was the Rep. Radio Judith later tracked down the solo voter with the following question; Sir how was it possible that you, a long time friend of the winner voted single handedly for the other guy? His reply has stuck with me till this day. So he replies “my friend who won the election knows I love him, but it wasn’t fair for the other guy not to have even one vote!”

Well all is well that ends well. We all graduated, got good jobs and I was privileged to attend his wedding a few years back.

It’s another weekend, a beautiful one at that. Make sure to get a lot of rest this weekend.

See you soon.

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