Teen Dating

I was never sat down to discuss dating, though I was lectured on periods and such by my mum. What she did one day however was to imagine I was pregnant at age maybe 17 and start sizing my breast and accusing me of being pregnant.

My dating experience dates back to high school graduation day. I vacated school upon graduation and travelled home early the next day after my final paper. I got home to meet no one at home and so decided to go sit at the football stadium close to my house where there is a shade and watch people go by. I hadn’t sat there long before a young lad comes to keep me company. We get into a conversation, well I think I did more of the talking and so he was able to say things to sort of present himself a candidate of my time. What does that mean? Well as it turned out, though he was born 13 days before me, he was yet to finish secondary school but because I talked first, he was able to tell me a lie and so a few months later it was quite comical to see him trying to sneak into his house with his school uniform on as I walked by!

It was a beautiful one year of dating. Just exploring and discovering. I smile when I remember our adventures, how he would come visiting me at home and though he would rather want to talk outside, my mum will insist he comes indoor, and you can imagine how that will scare a teenage boy? Or the one night we took a stroll late and mum and an uncle bursted into his house to go report to his parents. Hahaha. Love is a crazy thing to a teenager!

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So while I wrote JAMB twice to get admission, he wrote an exam into a polytechnic and was off to school before me though I graduated secondary school before him! That wasn’t too bad until he called me aside a few days to his departure to tell me that “as he was going to school and because I still at home, we should end the relationship”.

Was my heart really broken back then? I really don’t know. I just lived and worked harder to make sure I got into school the following year.

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I am not in a very chatty mood today. I am more than pissed at the xenophobic attacks against foreigners and Nigerians in particular in South Africa in recent days. I watched videos upon videos yesterday without much emotions until one in particular showing a man filled with bullets in his own house while he lay surrendered on the ground! Who records these things? No fear, no conscience! At that point I decided to stand for something for once in my life (lol, I seem to do it a lot), got out my green Nigeria jersey and sneakers, took two buses and arrived at the protest venue closest to me. It was a peaceful protest. We can’t continue to see injustices and do nothing, that it doesn’t affect you today doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow, borrowing a quote I see on Twitter, I say, “yesterday’s survivors are today’s victims”.

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As you go out today, think beyond yourself, defend someone else and be kind.

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