One Man’s Meat

Some days ago I was at a bank to make a request, It was a busy day so the queue was quite long, as I pondered on how long I would spend there and how much time would be wasted, I overheard a girl upset with the customer care representative over their request for her to return the next day. Her complain was that she doesn’t receive GSM text alerts, this made her so mad. She said “what if she doesn’t have data to see email alerts, how can she just be paying money into an account and not get gsm alerts?”

In my usual over outgoing sometimes annoying self, I tap her and ask if it was so important for her to have gsm alerts. And she says “it’s the best way na”! Then I tell her “if I kidnapped you, I would know exactly what you are worth and be able to get it all”

Having caught her attention in the most drastic way, I then share a story of an experience I witnessed at a bank just the previous week. So I was in an old generation bank, sitting at a customer care desk impatiently waiting for my issue to be resolved, then comes in a certain old lady who was so angry. According to her, she came to use the atm and was told insufficient funds, but she had a balance of 11k the last time she assessed the account. So the staff attending to her asks her a few question through which she divulged that her phone had been stolen a few days prior but she insists that she runs no phone money app, never registered for any short code nor was her atm stolen.

So they had to go through her account records, as it turned out the thief recharged her sim via the bank short code of the whole amount in the account and used the talk time up before she had the opportunity to block the sim!

After much consoling the old lady decided to simply deactivate gsm banking on her phone. I had also deactivated that on my phone years ago as I didn’t think it was right for my account transactions to be easily assessed by anyone who had assess to my phone, though the bank made sure I signed an indemnity form to vindicate themselves from any fraud that could occur due to my decision.

At this point my listener suddenly decided that she didn’t want to proceed with requesting a gsm alert on her phone and was all grateful to me. Then I had to explain some technical details to other listeners as I had gained an audience as the story had progressed. I don’t know if I did a good deed, I just know that I interacted today and that is just what life is all about.

Live cheerfully everyday and help someone anyway you can. Don’t be an island, no Island ever became a force to contend with.

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