Memories from Matric

I had to sit and write JAMB twice before I was granted admission into the institution I attended. This institution wasn’t my first choice of school, but upon not meeting up the cut off mark for the more sought after university I applied for, an uncle advised my parents to change institution by purchasing something called a yellow form. And so that was how I got admitted to study Mechanical Engineering and I resumed school.

Like expected in any other school, the male to female population of my class was 200:5. Uni brought me closer to my maternal grandma who I am fortunate to still have around. My maternal grandmother likes to pride herself as a disciplinarian, a cheerful old “young” lady who up till now still competes fashion with me. So grandma makes lots of snacks and brings it along to my matriculation. Dad and mum were also in attendance. It was a beautiful day. We took pictures that are no more now, this is one reason I am in love with the social media era, Facebook will save and bring up pictures from years ago effortlessly!

So Granny was so happy that she cooked enough for my whole hostel and literally begins handing it over to surprised students. A memories comes to mind, so a few years later my brother matriculates in a different school and granny and I were in attendance. It was a school we were unfamiliar with and phones didn’t exist then. So after searching for my brother to no avail in the frenzy of the day, we decided to go stand by the school gate, as we waited, grandma walks away from me to a scantily dressed young lady who wore a top revealing her tummy. Guess what she does? No need to guess, I will tell you; she pulls down the girl’s shirt to try cover the tummy! Haaa I was scared of the girl’s reaction. Luckily she was a well brought up young lady who simply offered her thanks.

What beautiful memories. No matter how unideal our parents or guardians may be, if you still have them, appreciate them! Both my parents have gone to be with the Lord and I wish I had more time with them. Both of them actually. Wish I was more matured before they were taken away, I didn’t get a father daughter dance or a mother to come nurture me on the birth of my children (it’s called omugwo by my local people). Oh or I when I “think” my ex in-laws were mean to me, the thought would cross my mind that how I wish my father (remember he served as a police officer and would have been even higher in rank then) were alive they won’t have easily acted this callously.

So this month as you go out, remember to appreciate your loved ones and relatives. You won’t always have them with you!

Off we go to a brand new day. Stay safe and see you tomorrow.

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