When Loved Ones Mean Well.

Making the decision to start this blog wasn’t exactly a difficult one for me. I haven’t been one to hide my experiences and journey in any situation. And many times when I find myself around strangers who are passing through what I either am passing through or have overcome, it comes naturally to me to share my story and give out edification. And seeing them lifted up has always been sufficient reward for me.

This has not always gone down well with my family members particularly my spouse and this is quite understandable bearing in mind that I am from Nigeria a “third world country” who due to their own actions choose to remain a third world. Fortunately and unfortunately, that’s my birth country. For sometime now I have tried to conform to this image. The image of the perfect African wife, but guess what? No one is perfect and the people who we try to look perfect for are only flesh and blood who face similar challenges as you!

If you read any experiences on this blog, it’s because I choose to share it to help someone else out there.

It’s not because I am depressed, traumatized or not forgiven anyone. I am also not just “putting it out there” to free my mind and feel better. I appreciate the thoughts behind coming to my private chat avenues to offer me a shoulder or an advise though,

but I really would prefer you put the advise in the comments section of the post you read, that way you really would be helping me achieve my goal of lifting up someone else.

My sincere apologies to anyone this post may offend. If you claim you love or care about me, then you will have to prove it by showing me love the way I understand love.

In my next post, I think I will talk about the troubles I got into during my university days. Those were really good days. My only regret is not being decisive about a course of study. I think I should have read something like broadcasting rather than Mechanical Engineering, I think I would have made an excellent talk show host!

See you soon and take it one day at a time.

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5 thoughts on “When Loved Ones Mean Well.

  1. Mechanical Engineering is awesome too!! Lol! Though you talk far less and mainly to guys. Story of my life. Studying “Mech Engin” has made me more comfortable around guys, more down to earth, and quite slow to speak i guess.

    It might not be too late to take another degree in the Arts this time…

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